The Most Popular Blackjack Variants Online

Blackjack, as all other online casino games, have a series of versions you can meet in online casinos. Some feature variations on the rules, others offer side bets and bonuses to make the game more interesting. Below I will present you with a series of the most popular blackjack versions and how they compare to the base game.

1. Blackjack Classic (Microgaming)

A simple and entertaining, classic variant of the blackjack game hugely popular at the Red Flush Casino Canada. The game is played with one regular deck (without jokers). There's no peek (the dealer gets one upcard only), there's no splitting of different 10 point value cards (like a 10 and a Q), and the player can double down on hard 9, 10 and 11 only. Besides, the dealer must stand on any hand worth 17.

2. Vegas Strip Blackjack (Microgaming)

Another popular version of Blackjack available at the Red Flush Casino. The rules are once again different: it is played with 4 decks of 52 cards, and the dealer must again stand on any hand with the value of 17. The player can double down on any hand value, even after splitting. Speaking of splitting, players can split any hand of two 10-value cards, and matching pairs (except for aces) up to three times.

3. Double Exposure Blackjack (Microgaming, NetEnt)

I've played a lot with this blackjack variant at the Red Flush Casino, and I must say I love it. The "double exposure" part means that the dealer is dealt two cards facing up at the beginning of the round. It's played with eight regular decks (no jokers). Dealer must hit on a soft 17, and wins every tie except for blackjack. Blackjack pays even money. The rules regarding splits and doubling down are the same as above.

4. Super Fun 21 (Microgaming)

A bonus variant of the Blackjack Classic available at the Red Flush Casino. The game is played with a single 52 deck card. The rules of the game are a mix of all of the above: the dealer peeks when it has an upcard with a 10 value or an Ace, and has to hit on a soft 17. The player can double and surrender at any number of cards, and can double down after splitting, too. The game comes with a series of bonuses, too: for having a blackjack of Diamonds, for having a hand consisting of 6 cards under the value of 20, and for having a hand of 21 points consisting of 5 or 6 cards (this instantly pays out 2 to 1).

Type of online casino welcome bonuses

The type of online casino welcome bonuses available in the mainstream should appeal to a lot of different online casino gaming fans. There are obviously only so many different varieties of welcome bonuses in the first place. These different welcome bonuses have had a high success rate for years.

The most common welcome bonus just involves cash. People will usually get the choice of either dollars or euros. The cash amounts will tend to vary strongly, and this can affect whether or not the welcome bonus will be perceived positively by potential users.

Of course, most people will still be happy about the idea of getting money to use at an online casino gaming website before they even get going. In some cases, people will get over one thousand dollars or euros. The welcome bonus might also involve a few hundred dollars or so. Sometimes, the welcome bonus will be smaller than that.

However, people will still be able to use the welcome bonus money in order to play a decent number of games right away, even if they only get a small amount of money as a result of the welcome bonus. They won't have to spend a lot of money playing each individual online casino game. It's possible for a lot of people to make even fifty dollars stretch on a lot of online casino gaming websites.

The fact that they might be successful in some of their bets or gaming adventures will just make the situation that much more favorable for them. A lot of people should be able to use the money that they win in order to make more bets and play more games. The welcome bonus can truly get them started, making it that much easier to become successful later. For the people who get very large welcome bonuses, the situation can become even more favorable.

Instead of money, some people will get free spins. Typically, the free spins are available as part of a package alongside the welcome bonus money. For the people who really enjoy online casino slot games in particular, the free spins can be even better than the money. After all, if they get to use enough free spins, it might be that much more likely that they will manage to win at one of the games. The winnings that they might generate will be much larger than the welcome bonuses that they would be able to secure otherwise.

Giving people a welcome package that includes both free spins and money can make a huge difference for a lot of players. It gives them more options than they would have otherwise. When you claim your new player welcome bonus at Red Flush Casino, you can get started on a wide range of different games. This is the sort of thing that can help a lot of people get ahead in the ways that will really matter to them. Online casino welcome bonuses are rewards that people get right away that can lead to larger rewards.

Book of Ra Deluxe – An Online Slot Worth Your Time

The online gambling industry is growing quite fast in the past decade. This is not something unusual because there are a few factors that contribute to this trend. More and more people have access to the Internet, using online casinos is easier than ever and the range of online casino games available to players is increasing fast too. Online slots are among the most played casino games on the Internet today. They bring all the excitement of ordinary slots found in brick and mortar casinos, but the difference is that you can play on these virtual machines for real or virtual money whenever you want. One of the most famous online slots today is Book of Ra Deluxe.

What is Book of Ra Deluxe?

Book of Ra Deluxe is the deluxe online version of the famous slot classic – Book of Ra. The physical machine was developed by Novomatic, one of the leaders in the gambling industry. The online version was developed by their branch focused on online gambling known as Novoline. The development of Book of Ra was not a surprise because this slot machine was popular for years.

What can you expect from this game?

Those who have played the classic Book of Ra won’t have any problems to get familiar with this game. This game is designed in a way that makes gaming enjoyable and fun. It has a user-friendly interface and beautiful design.

There are a few different versions of Book of Ra game and the Book of Ra Deluxe version is among the most played ones. This online game comes with a special ten pay lines system and many unique features. Before we go into details, let’s say that the game relies on Egyptian themes that come in the form of symbols and images that depict the life in Ancient Egypt. The imagery and animations are accompanied with beautiful cinematic music and special sounds and effects.

One of the things that make players choose this game over others is the base game jackpot that consists of 500 coins. Of course, the list of advantages of playing it is much longer. For example, this is a so-called penny slot machine. In other words, you don’t need to make huge investments to play. The smallest bet is set to ten cents per spin. Obviously, people can invest much more in one spin.

While we are talking about Book of Ra Deluxe, we must also mention the Bonus Round which provides ten free spins. The payouts you get during this round are multiplied twice in the end. The special expanding symbol during this round adds more thrill to every spinning players make. Players that get at least three additional scatters will get more free spins which will obviously increase their chances to win.

Final thoughts


Players interested in earning real money and those who want to play without real money will find the online version of this classic slot game attractive and exciting. The potential for great winnings is present too.

The various types of bets and games

If you are one those people who is looking to make the most out of betting career, then you should be first aware of all the types of bets. Here, you will get to learn about the various types of bets, which are mostly used in the online sports betting. Some bets, can be done also for online poker, roulette and online bingo games as well.

Accumulator Bets

In this type of bet, multiple teams are picked and combined into a single ticket. Each team on the accumulator has to win or else the ticket is lost. This type of bet is wildly popular with sports such as basketball and football but bettors can use them to bet on all the different sports.

Parlay Bets

These are wagers wherein the multiple teams are selected to win and linked together into a single ticket. It is similar to the accumulator bets. Parlay bets offer increased odds and gives the handicappers a chance to turn a small bet into a big payday.

Money Line Bets

Also referred to as American Odds, money line bets are one of the most common ways through which bettors can bet in sports betting. There is no need for bettors to use point spread. These are mostly straight-up bets based on who will win the game or the entire event.

If it’s online casino slots games that you’re after, you’ll find them with the Canadian All Slots Casino site. These games are so much fun to play and players will always have a blast.

The game of slot machines is getting even more popular

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games played across the world. They are also a popular choice for many when using an online casino platform. They do not require any skill and are a lower wager to risk game with a dream jackpot. This therefore means it is an attractive game of choice for a novice gambler for example. The most common slot machine is the simple three reel game that is found in mostly all casinos where there is the three pay lines available for players. There are also now five reel machines which means there is most alternative pay out options for the player so is a popular game of choice.

Are there any strategies available when playing online games?

Yes, there are. Strategies are very important part in any games played online, and utilizing them the best you can will only help you in the long run, when playing a casino game online. There is difference as well, between playing online versus playing online, and so these strategies are also changing, depending on the way you play, the game you play, and the dynamic and style of your play.

To start with, you should identify your game of choice. Once you picked up the game from or from any other trusted site for that matter, you can start playing and apply the correct strategy for you.

Every game has different strategy, like Poker and Slots, for example, but also, and that’s not less important, every player has the best strategies for him. So you can have two players who like the game of poker. But one player, likes to press the issue, be more aggressive with it's calls and moves, while the other, tend to think more, like to play within his cards, and let the game "come to him". That means, that these two players will need to apply different strategies in their game, in order to succeed.

You cannot play an aggressive strategy at an online poker game, if your normal style of person is more relaxed and mellow, these strategies will simply won't work. That is why, even before a player is even depositing money to any casino, the player must know and practice the best tactics and strategies for him.

Many online forums and sites demonstrate nicely how to identify these practices, but the most important advice you could get is: Play within your game. Some games are more suited to players than most, and not all players react to same games the same.

Many of the strategies will be focused on bankroll management, a key aspect in any game you will play. If you'll know how to control your bankroll, and how to manage it, you'll be able to extend your play and gain the experience you'll need to develop your game.

One other great strategy, one which you can do no matter what you play or where is to take advantage of any possible promotion, bonus or benefit a casino is offering. Sometimes, these offers won't be so obvious, sometimes you will have to ask the casino specifically for that offer or bonus, but for the most part it will be visible and available, and any time you'll use these benefits, you will gain something out of it. Sometimes more money, sometimes, just more experience, but utilizing these offers is key, when playing online and learning how to get he most out of that experience.

Casino's new face

By launching a takeover bid on the floating capital of its e-commerce subsidiary Cnova, Casino puts its business to carry out its restructuring. The sale of its non-food activities in Brazil, including e-commerce, will further reduce the group's turnover by 15%. With Asia, Casino will have sold a quarter of its business in one year.

With online gambling being a billion-dollar industry you can find dozens of companies involved in the software development, but only a few manage to keep up with providing online casino games, visit casino us for reviewing online casinos that still provide good quality of game.

At the beginning of 2016, Casino already separated from its subsidiaries in Asia, which accounted for 9% of its sales and 19% of its current operating income in 2015.Since late November, it has launched the sale of Via Varejo, its Brazilian branch devoted to equipment and electronic goods (an activity called "Latam electronics" in the accounts of the distributor).

Prior to this sale, Casino undertook to divide its subsidiary of e-commerce Cnova, in order to bring back in the perimeter of Via Varejo what is the equivalent of Cdiscount in Brazil. In 2014, when he created Cnova to introduce it on the stock market, Casino was betting on the potential of a future global e-commerce giant. The sudden stunt of growth in Brazil, as well as culpable dysfunctions within Cnova Brazil, finally got the better of these ambitions. Australian online casinos are the most top rated online casinos in the world to review Australian online casino visit and see the best Australian casinos.

Via Varejo realized the equivalent of 5.2 billion euros of turnover in 2015, to which one must add 1.7 billion euros of Cnova Brazil. That is to say a total of 15% of the group's activity.The good financial results of Via Varejo, they (19% of the current operating income of the group), are penalized by the losses of Cnova Brazil. In the end, it was responsible for 14% of Casino's ROC in 2015, in line with the contribution to the Board of Directors.

After the transfer of Cnova Brazil to Via Varejo, which has been in operation since October 2016, and the closure of all other international operations in Cdiscount (Cameroon, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Colombia) in the course of the year, Driver more than the activity of Cdiscount in France. The tender offer announced on December 6 by Casino, on the free float of Cnova, should allow it to withdraw the title of the listing. The success of the takeover bid is all the more likely as Casino, with its subsidiaries Exito and CBD, already owns 90% of the shares of its e-commerce branch.

Before consolidation in the Casino group accounts, including restatements related to the Brazilian survey and inventory adjustments, but excluding € 19 million of losses allocated to Cnova's holding companies